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The cooperation of university professors, Spanish, Italian and French, has promoted this joint international conference INGERGRAF - ADM - AIP-PRIMECA that has aimed to connect the research projects and professional activities on the area of graphic design and engineering. It facilitates the diffusion of research results and it makes use of the results of all stake holders at regional, national and international levels. At the same time it improves, among others, joint programming initiative for future events to strengthen the "Graphic Engineering" in Europe and other continents.

In this conference it is sought to draw conclusions about the progress being made in the area of innovation on engineering and technical education in recent years, in each of the thematic areas of the Congress and also to analyze the current status in which we are without forgetting new open lines of work and research in future years.

From all this reflection and sharing it is expected, as in previous editions, to write a document of conclusions that reflects the current theory and practice in the area of educational innovation in engineering design graphics and technical education.

We have prepared with enthusiasm a scientific program and also a social program according to the same philosophy, for the delegates and other attendees staying in the city of Madrid. We hope it has been useful and enjoyable for all.

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