We know the difficulties that the centers and universities that have organized previous INGEGRAF Congress have had, but now we have, like them, the satisfaction of having been here working to improve day-to-day the training of future european engineers and have shared our educational experiences.

We have enjoyed three days for discussions, exchange of ideas, knowledge of best practices that are being made in other centers and thus have the moral support that comes from knowing you're not alone.

I would like to thank you on behalf of all those who have contributed with their work so that this joint international conference INGEGRAF - ADM - AIP-PRIMECA has been undertaken.

For all of us it is important that you inform us in XXIII@congresoingegraf.es your assessment and improvements that can be introduced in the organization and development of the next conference to contribute to all to continue and enhance INGEGRAF Congress and new joint conferences, to showcase the strength of the engineering in the framework of the European Higher Education Area.

Pr. David Corbella Ribes

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